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on 17/8/16
@WenonahHauter Thanks for the good works. I have lived in these worlds - worked in oil/gas technologies, gramps worked dairy, uncle slaughter house. My dad raised hogs, fowl, rabbits and we had 2 cows. My great uncle raised horses, hogs and fowl. Dad and granny were both professional cooks as was I. My son was a major salesman for big pharma for about 7 years. I dated a Kansas lady when I lived in Manhattan. Her dad is a big farmer, wheat, corn and other grasses. Big garden. He owned beef and dairy cattle. Lots of fowl. I never knew how real organic foods was like until I dated this lady. I learned about Nature and friend and enemy and how man can insult her. My wife and I do not take the hard work that those that work on the ground level of the farm do each day and how THE FACTORY is forcing them to make compromises, go broke or find a new line of work.