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on 25/6/16
There are reasons many people have stuck around as long as they have is because the weather in much of California is fantastic and because one can drive from orchard groves to skiing in a few hours, or be in a forest, wine vineyards, desert or biggest sea on earth. One can put up with a lot when it’s 75 degrees, sunny, with low humidity. I know many complain about cost of living, quakes, fires, drought or too much rain. True you can not buy much of a home for $1 million. Some employers find nose rings and purple hair good for the business. When the CEO wears a hoodie, black t-shirt or a turtle neck shirt it's a fashion statement. Still when things get tough they move to where the weather is not temperate and the quality of life if you peek out side the bubble is brass ass brutal - you break a leg and you might get a cane with a collection notice 4 medical bills.