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on 11/9/16
Pot holes in the TV THE STRAIN SERIES CONTINUE 2 ANNOY but it's Sunday night. People carry on in a state of shock, trauma, disbelief, amnesia. Government is on life support. Bars are open as are public utlities up and running. The old man got the BOOK but can not find a copy machine in NYC. He stores it in a safe that his arch enemy can open. Meanwhile, Zach continues to annoy us. The boy has changed his mind, he now wants to see his dad. Isn’t this what you wanted, Zach? You tormented your dad about seeing your mom for the longest time and you’re the reason Nora is dead. So all that trouble for nothing? Living with his mom just isn’t the paradise Zach imagine. His dad is ready to trade humanity with the EVIL MASTER for his son. He might try one more roll in the bed or a coffin to get back with his ex wife and son.

Dutch and her gang r ready to take on vampires or play golf for all are armed with golf clubs but Dutch who packs a gun and a sword as they hunt 4 food, drink, valuables but not guns. As a group they are all one but none for all and will flee at first fight. Dutch cuts heads, but they annoy with debate.

The antihero vampire plays double cross with one and all because he wants to be the new leader of human and vampire world