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by chrisdanielsnz2
on 29/6/17
@officialpes @adam_bhatti @asimtanvir
I am a true fan of pes all my life, I can simply die for this game to survive, but coming from pes3 to 2018 is a long way coming, and after seeing so many footage of #pes2018, (I recently range out of HDD space just to download all the videos out there) and after I have analysed all, I have seen massive improvements and some few niggles and some that is yet to be looked at since 2014.....
1: Player ID is lost in PK shootout, in Pes13, each PK taker has different style of taking PK, and after they score or Miss, we see their emotions in a cutscene but since 2014, it has been lost, even to the point of the PK winning celebration is very bad, in older versions, the last PK taker scores to win the shootout or Gk save to win is clearly seen in the celebration cutscene, eg if I score my winning PK with Jordi alba, in previous versions, you clearly see Jordi Alba running towards his team members to celebrate, but since 2014, you see ter stegen instead of Jordi alba running towards his teammates to celebrate. Celebration cutscene in general needs overhauling.... It's just unrealistic .... That needs to change.. I suggest a FIFA 16 style of PK celebration where we can control our player to anywhere in the pitch
2: positioning @matt10 has spoken on this before but I refused to believe but after rigorous analysis, it became clear, i know how hard it is for the development team to get things up and running, but the fans are always here to help