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by SashoWolf
on 10/3/17
@laserraccoon I have worked for furry conventions for well over a decade. I can tell you from that vast experience that there is ONE criteria for DJ's: Entertainment. Can you pack the floor? Can you make sure that you pass on a great packed floor to the next one? Are you playing a type of music a majority is wanting? Are you willing to put in your 'time' to play those Thursdays, Mondays, Dead Dogs? The LAST fucking thing conventions care about with DJ are stupid identify politics. We don't give two shits if you're gay, straight, trans, black, white, male, female or an attack helicopter. Can you entertain and keep people on the floor and then have those SAME people demand your presence again and again?

Easiest way to do that? Be willing to take the SHITTY time slots, be willing to be flexible in your style, and 100% listen to the critique of more experienced DJ's, such as @TigonFur. Cause if you listen to him, you may actually end up on a Friday night slot. As he said...get good. And again..this is a decade of experience helping run furry conventions speaking.