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by TheaGood
on 18/3/17
Winston Churchill was King Edward VII’s son. Once his father died, Winston needed to prove himself to his brother, the new King George V, so the 1911 Sidney Street Siege was held as a canned meat operation – a training exercise between Churchill and his protégé Stalin, who went on to decimate Russia.

Protecting the establishment by file theft is one of the main functions of a knight. A crime is committed, the case is botched and the files are stolen.

Ipso facto, the stitch-up is all stitched up and official history contains generations of the most unbelieveable claptrap where nothing fits and most lose interest.

This is the desired goal of establishment historians – most of whom are embedded into the occult.(MOLOCH)
Jack the Ripper was an inside job that had the full support of occultists and the British Royal Family.