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by blacksilentmaj
on 12/3/17

Why Voting Matters

Especially for Blacks © 2017

Samuel K
theblacksilentmajority SM

Even if your were an idiot, a certified idiot, you could probably figure it out. That is, if someone tried so hard to deny you something, or tried so hard to keep you from getting something, what they were trying to deny you must be important. Such is the case for the right to vote.

Throughout American history, Neanderthals and racists have tried to deny Blacks the right to vote. They’ve used laws, poll taxes and literacy tests to keep Blacks from voting and gaining political power. More recently, as in 2016, those same Neanderthals have used ID tests to deny Blacks the right to vote.

In both a democracy and a republic, voting matters. That’s how mayors, councils, governors, school boards, governors, representatives, senators, and presidents are elected.

Had it not been for the black vote, Pres. John F. Kennedy never would have been elected president. The black vote has been pivotal in electing every Democratic president from Franklin Roosevelt to Pres. Barack Obama.

Previous generations of Blacks understood the importance of the vote. However, younger Blacks must be the lesson, the Jews teach younger Jews about Passover, and so forth. When Blacks don’t vote in sufficient numbers, due to being unaware, confused, lazy or due to disinformation, we don’t have a chance of affecting an outcome that would be in our best interest.

For example, in Michigan, Republicans control the state house, the state senate, the state Supreme Court, and the governorship. They also control the national equivalent. Had more Blacks voted in the last election, Trump would not have been elected, and the same applies to white females, who now have “voter’s regret” after seeing the reality of the Trump they were warned about.

Lesson to the wise and other wise. Color, can be a consideration, but color alone is not a good indicator as to whether a person will be competent and will represent our best interests. We must look beyond skin color, or in addition to skin color, and be wary of the typical rhetoric used by “poverty pimps.”

We should have learned our lesson by now that putting a black face in a high place is no guarantee that person will represent the community’s interest over their own interests. Greed and deceit are equal opportunity characteristics in many people as well as politicians.

When used intelligently, the black vote is quite powerful, and it really can make a difference.
Again, the black vote along with the white female and Hispanic vote could have turned Trump into an official loser.

Going forward, we should keep this thought in mind. It’s always easier to prevent a Trump from getting political power in the first place than it is to try and remove him after he has achieved that power.

Ben Franklin put it differently when he said, “A ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”