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by TheaGood
on 20/4/17
Who Will Speak for America When Google, YouTube and Facebook Kill the Alt Media Through Censorship?
By David Hodges

YouTube's new program where kids as young as 13 will decide what you will see and hear. It's called the Heores program.

YouTube (i.e. Google) and Facebook are acting as unregulated monopolies. They provide a privately owned platform in which the Independent Media provides a conservative interpretation of the news as opposed to the radical left-wing Mainstream media who espouses such values as expressing anti-Christian views, advocating for the continual erosion of the Bill of Rights and the rest of the Constitution, completely open borders in which anyone with two legs and carrying weapons of mass destruction can illegally cross our borders take up residence, all courtesy of the US taxpayer. And according to Facebook and YouTube they have the right to ban you from using their platform for espousing traditional American values that our country was founded on.

Not Advertiser Friendly

I have had scores of videos demonetized by YouTube because they are "not advertiser friendly". Not advertiser friendly? I had a video demonetized that had 1, 735 likes and 21 dislikes, with over 40, 000 views and I did not make a dime on the video. Why? Because I referred to a current event that involved a suspicious death of a political figure. My approval rating for this video had an approval rating of over 98% and it is not advertiser-friendly? With 98% of the people approving of the video, the video was very advertiser-friendly and would make the audience of The Common Sense Show MUCH more receptive to being advertising friendly. The term advertiser friendly is a Bravo-Sierra term. What they mean is that I am not loony-liberal-left anti-Christian friendly and my conservative views should not be heard. The First Amendment violators and the thought police are patrolling the corridors of the social media giants with the message "You either promote our world-view or will make you deliver your message at a financial loss."

There is no such thing as advertiser friendly. The whores from Wall Street don't care where they peddle their goods and services. Just ask Prescott Bush (GeorgeHW Bush's father) when he tried to get away with doing business with the Nazis during WW II.

Hate Speech and Extremism

Any view which is anti-New World Order which advocates for the for total obliteration of freedom, both politically and financially, is labeled as hate speech. If we advocate for screening immigrants criminal background is hate speech as if no terrorist with bad intentions would ever try and cross our border in order to do Americans harm.

If one speaks against the illegal and unethical actions of Wall Street, that is considered "extremism". I have been demonetized and suspended from Facebook for discussing child-sex-trafficking. The FBI and every major police department in the country have task forces related to this topic, but if I write about it, even just to report a related news event, my work is banned and/or demonetized.

Please consider the following admonition from YouTube:

"Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown."

Don't the topics which includes content of controversial, sensitive issues, wars, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies make up 95% of the content on your nightly news?

Rules for Thee but Not for Me

Countless times, I have seen a CNN or Fox News video reproduced, with YouTube ads being played on YouTube without restriction. Ads from Wall Street advertisers play unabated and permeate these MSM sites and we in the alt media are not allowed to cover these same topics. If I address the topic (eg war, right vs. left politics), I am banned or demonetized. YouTube and Facebook are guilty of extremism. Extreme hypocritical treatment of divergent and legitimate political views is a repressible rehash of Stalin and Hitler (oh, the use these historical figures names will get banned as well).

For the record, The Common Sense Show does not advocate for violence except in extreme self- defense. The show argues against the use of violence by our government in their wars of occupation which are nothing more that resource-grabbing adventures on behalf of the globalists. Yet CNN videos play on YouTube unabated which stand in support with never-ending wars.

By the way, there is no appeal to the arbitrary decisions of censorship as the new algorithms are key word driven and they have no real appeal mechanism. Do you think CNN and Fox are ever demonetized or banned for covering news stories that are underwritten and funded by CIA? Former reporter, Amber Lyons, claimed was true?

Consider the following graphic appearing on Alex Jones' Infowars website. This says it all. This has already happened to Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, where Google delisted Mike's publications.

Facebook just banned Mark Dice. Was his content too funny or too TRUE?

Course of Action

The alt media should band together and sue the Washington Post for accusing us of being Russian agents for supporting Donald Trump. We should look into suing Facebook and YouTube. Oh, I know they are private entities. However, they are unregulated monopolies that are predatory in nature. I have had some private conversations with sympathetic attorneys that think that these social media giants may have crossed the line with regard to anti-trust violations.

If the estimated 20-30 million people who frequent alt media sites would contribute 5 dollars each to a trust fund, we could make this brand of communist censorship very expensive to YouTube (Google) and Facebook.

If everyone refused to use Google's search engine, it would cost them billions. If we began to boycott advertisers who are contributing to the demise of the Independent Media, feel the pinch, we would quickly see how broad the term "not advertiser friendly" would become.

If our followers were crowdfunding their favorites shows, websites and YouTube creators, the message would still be heard.

Here is the stark reality of where this is headed

The alt media in a dying gasp to stay viable, will attempt to get their followers to, in some measure, pay for their favorite entities to stay in business. However, I am not confident in the alt right crowd's determination to do such a thing on a scale that will make any real difference.

Before the alt media largely goes extinct, you will see the following:

Websites will ban users who employ adblockers to access their site
Radio shows will charge a small premium (5-10 dollars per month to access).
YouTubers will be forced to watch private ads secured by the creators and played in front of their video.
I have experimented with the third option. Here were the results: I added almost 11, 000 subscribers over the past 30 days. However, 2, 000+ YouTubers unsubscribed because they did not think I should show any private ads. In other words, a fair amount of the public expects to continue to receive something for nothing.

I am lucky, luckier than most. I have other things I can do to make money and support my family. I do not need YouTube and Facebook. Yet, I am the only source of support for my family. I will not diminish my family's standard of living to bring you a service that cuts into that family budget. Would you? If so, try donating to your favorite journalists. I am going to give it until June, and if things do not turn around, I am probably going to abandon my website and YouTube. I can afford the radio show, but not in the format that it is in. The scope of coverage will be reduced. I expect nobody to weep for me, however, if enough of us in the alt media make tough economic choices, where are you going to get your news? Wolf Blitzer? Alleged sexual harasser Bill O'Reilly or the CIA's Anderson Cooper?

Although I do other things for a living, this is not true for a fair amount of my colleagues. This is their livelihood. They are professional journalists who bring the public the truth, the truth you are not getting on FOX, CNN, and now on YouTube and Facebook. They will die on the vine. Most will be gone in six months to a year. And then it will be open season on Americans because nobody will be left to speak.

Here is what I have concluded:

First they came for radio show and America said nothing
Then they came for Revolution Radio and American said nothing
Then they came for Agenda 21 Radio and America said nothing
Then they came for the Hagmann Report and America said nothing
Then they came for Natural News and America said nothing
Then they came for and America said nothing
Then they came for The Common Sense Show and America said nothing
Then they came for America and there was nobody left to speak
The first step is in the installation of a police state complete with all the trappings of Hitler is to take away the command and control of the conservative base in this country and that is what is going on right now. The countdown to tyranny has begun and America continues to snore.

My only comment: Others are now finding themselves in the same predicament this site has had since the Fukushima report. There is no conceivable reason why this web site would not produce a six figure income absent the exact same tactics others are facing now. I do not know how others are going to cope with it, believe me, there are very few who will settle for a request of $550 a month and whatever else comes in. Alex simply will not make it because he can't take a value reduction that huge and still run his system. Much of the alt media won't make it simply because they are not set up to run on practically nothing. And why should they be? No one should have to "bring the truth at a financial loss", anyone doing this has a right to a legitimate income. Now that it is being stripped away everywhere, things are really gonna get bumpy from here on in. The war is getting real.