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by TheaGood
on 18/3/17
WTF is being put in our food?

McDonald's Trump tweet?

Ok, normally I'll pass on something like this, but since it was McDonald's, here goes:

A tweet calling Trump a "disgusting excuse for a President" went out from the corporate Twitter for McDonalds. It was for real. OK, well then . . . .

After DECADES of serving food that was actually decent (which made McDonald's famous) they now have "a disgusting excuse for food".

I used to eat at McDonald's frequently. All was good. The hamburgers seemed decent and the french fries were unbeatable. The apple pies were great. And then . . . .

I stopped eating McDonalds at all for about two years. This was the 2005-2006 time frame. During that time frame, something changed.

I went back to eating at McDonalds. The hamburgers did not have the same texture as before. And I started getting mystery illnesses I could not pin down. I had read about how people suddenly start having problems, and was thinking, OH GOD, NOT ME, never even considering that McDonalds might be the cause.


I then settled into a routine that did not have McDonalds much, but did have it very predictably at the same time of the day exactly once a month, and I'd get everything - a couple hamburgers, french fries, a sundae . . . . Long story. My schedule simply ended up being that once a month. And I could not figure out why, once a month, I'd get sick as hell because after leaving McDonalds I felt fine. It was always three days of muscle aches and severe headache starting the day after that I could not pin down, it just always happened once a month.

I tried to figure out what it was. I started thinking maybe the air was poisonous where I had to go due to my schedule at that time of the month. "Gee, every time I go near a certain industrial park I get REALLY SICK."

This went on for about two years. And then, for some reason, I hit a McDonalds off schedule, without going anywhere near that industrial park, and had the same big meal I'd have once a month, and got REALLY SICK, exactly the same way. I then drew the connection.

So there was a McDonalds nearby that I frequently got ffrench fries at (I did not have the hamburgers) and I tested it - yep, the hamburgers now made me SICK SICK SICK even from there but the french fries were OK. So I just skipped the hamburgers as usual. Then it happened to the filet of fish. And then, a few months later, the french fries started doing the same thing. McDonald's was now down to the coffee, which was the only thing I could have. This was around the time I produced the Fukushima report.

And THEN, even the coffee started making me sick. So what we have with McDonalds must be some sort of chemical they started putting in everything, starting with the hamburgers and then working its way into EVERYTHING. I don't know what it is, but Jack In The Box and Wendy's started using it also. Then all Pepsi products started doing it too. And last - Doritos, and all Frito Lay products.

Now, Burger King and KFC are the only places I know of that do not get me sick and the only chips I can eat are Pringles. I can eat at those places and be fine, but even Starbucks started spiking their coffee with whatever that crap is. That's OK because Starbucks can stuff it. McDonalds was the first and it seems there is this poison that is making its way into everything. The last time I ate at Burger King was last Friday. NO PROBLEMS.

As far as the old American fast food hamburger goes, Burger King is the only place I know of that is everywhere and still delivers it. McDonalds is like eating rubberized B.S. that invariably makes me sick as hell no matter what it is, if it rings up on their cash register I can't eat it, and won't eat it even if I got it free.

So since they ripped Trump, I might as well mention this - if you have mystery sickness and eat at McDonalds, switch to Burger King if possible. I can eat there and not feel one bit crapped out. And if you are anywhere near an In-n-Out, that place is THE PLACE, you lucky dog!

Moral of the story - If you think an industrial park is making you sick, suspect McDonald's FIRST!