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by TheaGood
on 18/3/17
SOME people say that it is the Satan that made the world what it is. I take another view. I say that it is Moloch.

I believe that the urge for human sacrifice comes not through religion but through race; the idea is, I think, an original one, and came to me from observation on one ethnicity in particular, that known as the Armenoid or Hither/Hitler Asiatic race, which I consider has a decided instinct towards sadism.

It is, I believe, the strong Armenoid or Hither Asiatic strain which exists in the Khazar Nation upon which we have to lay the responsibility for many unpleasant traits and practices, among them the continuation of Canaanite Ritual Murder.

The Khazars are a nation without a home, not a race; they are a mixture of races, and the racial constituent which is most frequently to be found among them is the Armenoid, or, as it is sometimes called, Hither Asiatic. The other ethnicities which have contributed most to their inbred linage are the Mongoloid, Negroid, Oriental and (White) Alpine.

The Armenoid race seems to have concentrated in Asia Minor not in the Middle East, where it predominates in Armenians, and affects the blood of many "Turks," "Syrians," "Georgians" and even Kurds. From this Asiatic centre, a veritable plague of Armenoid blood has spread in every direction.

Northward, in the early centuries A.D., it advanced through the Khazar Empire which flourished about 730 A.D., the ruler becoming an outwardly only converted "Jew" and forcing his people to do the same. Southward, the Canaanites and Domehs spread over the territories of Arabia, Egypt, the Sahara and Southern Algeria. Westward, the spread to the populations of the Balkan States and Greece, Crete, Southern Italy, Sicily and Spain. Eastward, it has penetrated into Afghanistan and the Punjab.

The Khazar nation, as everyone knows,spread almost every country in the world after the Russians smashed their criminal country in addition to the Donmeh and the Siccari.

In temperaments the Armenoid is the reverse of candid. He excels in low cunning, as his expression often denotes. He lies and regularly cheats at business. Knowledge of how to successfully exploit the lowest aspects of human nature into blackmail and extortion is taught from an early age.. They do not usuallyhave much courage, but deliberate cruelty is too often manifested in his nature. The spirit of revenge, and the nursing of hatred against anyone who opposes him, is very marked in people of the Armenoid type.

Khazaria contained a considerable proportion of people of Armenoid descent after the Hebrews chased the majority of them out of the Middle East. Khazariaand Donmeh enclaves in Turkey soon established for itself a reputation for cruelty treachery, dishonesty and delight in power for the sake of power.

I hold that it is the Khazars which makes them hated all the world over; it is the strong dose of Moloch values. The Khazarian Afghan is just as cruel, an Khazarian Muslim; the Khazarian Abyssinian just as treacherous, an Khazarian Christian; Armenian just as mean.

A characteristic of the original Moloch religion which appealed to Canaanite people is that the initiation ceremonial usually involves some sort of mutilation, such as female genital mutilation. The religious laws governing the slaughter of animals for food are framed and practiced without consideration for the unnecessary pain inflicted on the animals by the methods prescribed.

The ancient Assyrians were notorious for their wanton cruelty.

Wherever the Hither Asiatic or Armenoid ethnic grouppredominates, there is organised cruelty to prisoners of war; in Afghanistan, the women come out after a battle to search for the enemy wounded on whom they practise horrible mutilations; in Southern Algeria, there is a similar practice against French wounded, whilst recent operations in Abyssinia prove that there is a craving for the same sort of thing. The Domeh Turks seem to revel in cold-blooded cruelty, whilst the Bolshevik Khazars of Russia, Hungary, Spain and elsewhere have established the twentieth century as being as barbarous as the twelfth . . . simply because of the Moloch religious values possessed by imported Khazars

Today, our minds grasp with difficulty the idea that any human can have an instinct towards sadistic sacrifice.

Where must we look before we can understand the urge for Ritual Murder and the love of torture which crops up in individuals in all countries into which Canaanite refugees penetrated.