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by blacksilentmaj
on 14/3/17

Stupidity on Wheels © 2017

The dangers of talking, texting and driving are getting worse.

A whole lot of people have difficulty just putting one step in front of the other when they walk. Many also have difficulty stringing two sentences together when they talk. Yet, those some people believe they can drive, talk and text safely. It’s stupidity on wheels and they’re putting others in danger.

Nearly everyday, a slew of accidents and near accidents occur due to people who were talking, texting and driving. Once this kind of behavior was somewhat rare. Now, it’s become quite common.

Possible remedies might be more tickets written for people who are driving while talking and texting. Other options might be:

• Increased insurance premiums for people who were engaged in accidents while they were talking and texting.
• License suspensions for repeat offenders.
• Jail time for those who caused injuries or death while talking and texting.

Very few people have the mental quickness and the manual dexterity to talk, text and drive.
Imagine what it must be like if a person is downright stupid or is mentally impaired by drugs. If that’s the case, we’re all in danger when we are driving.