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on 10/7/17

SoFI Newsletter July 2017

SoFI Newsletter July 2017

Food Standards Scotland

We are pleased to announce that we are now working with Food Standards Scotland who have enrolled their Investigations Unit on the SoFI Accreditation Scheme.

They are training their investigators and their supervisors in ethical investigative interviewing. This allows them to continually peer review their interview products thus increasing the longevity value of the training.

A great way to protect your investment in the training, and maintain high standards.

Additionally the course provides accreditation by SfJ Awards equivalent to a Level 4/Level 5 vocational qualification.

Corporate/group booking enquiries can be made to

New Membership Fees

We have reviewed our membership fees and have now introduced the following rates:

Associate Member £20 p.a.
Professional/Academic Member £40 p.a.

We believe this is a very competitive rate for a professional Society and offers good value for money.

New members can apply by completing the Membership Form via the Membership page on the website

Lapsed members who wish to rejoin should contact