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by TheaGood
on 18/3/17

I have not commented on the new Republican health care bill simply because I believe it is going nowhere. They can draft any bill they want, and actually passing it, and then getting it past a veto is the real marker. And contrary to the name, it is NOT "Trump Care" because Trump never signed or wrote a word of it.

The key thing that has people upset is that if people skip coverage it costs 30 percent more to get coverage for a full year. However, there is no tax penalty (or penalty at all) for skipping it entirely.

I have a little advice: If you want health care to become so cheap that no one needs insurance, and even huge things like MRI's cost less than a single month's premium for average people, just adopt Mexico's laws and apply them in the U.S.

You will suddenly see things that cost $100,000 in the U.S. reduced to an end cost of $200. The biggest problem with America's medical is licensing and regulation, which has allowed scammers to apply any price to anything and screw everyone to oblivion. If you allowed fair competition in America, the problems would be solved overnight. Obviously 93,000 millionare (or billionaire) scammers would have embolisms over losing their scam cash cow, but what could actually be better for America than that?

BOTTOM LINE: America does not need Obamacare. America does not need "Trump Care". What America needs is a nice clean flush of all the parasites that rape people, just because people encounter difficult situations. Today's American doctor is worse than the worst scamming mechanic, charging $2,000 to tighten a screw. With a car there is a limit to how much a scamming mechanic can get away with. With people's lives, the sky is the limit, and medical parasites therefore abound because the laws in America do nothing to stop them.

Here's an easily understood description of what Mexico's medical is like compared to the U.S.:

Let's say you have an accident. And you need 20 stitches. There will usually be at least 3 or more private places within walking distance that will give you the stitches, set any broken bones you may have, and give you any antibiotics you need for an end cost of less than $50 USD. And the quality will be equal to the emergency room in the U.S, no one has any problems. And in one place I know of, You'll pull up to the doctor and have a power plug right there, different plugs for all the different models of cars, to charge your electric car or hybrid while you get stitched up. So I am not talking hell hole medical. And it would still cost the same $50.

For my father in law (the episode that happened 2 years ago), total expense that ended in 2 brain surgeries and weeks of hospitalization cost less than $10,000. We're talking 1,000,000+ for that in the U.S., and he made a full recovery, the surgeons and doctors were not hacks. If you go down to Mexico from the U.S. you won't get it that cheap because gringos get asked for more when it is that complicated, but the same would still cost less than $50,000. Brain surgery is probably as bad as it gets.

Let's say you have a case of food poisoning. In Mexico, that will ALWAYS cost less than $15 to cure. What would that cost you in America? Well, with the added cost of the scam the sky is the limit.