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by TanvirSalim1
on 18/3/17
We have to take things in baby steps. Small but certain steps. The goals should be measurable and tangible. The things which were identified are
(1)-Traffic Management/Efficient urban mobility and public transport
(2)-Water drainage/Waste Disposal
(3)-Industries based on forests and sugar cane
(4)-Independent study to discuss challenges facing reopening closed Fertilizer factory
(5)-Tourism based on Gorakhnath Temple, Chauri-Chaura, Imambara,Maghar,Buddhist spots, Ramgarh Taal project, develop Chilwa Taal as tourist spot.
(6)-Gateway to Nepal
(7)-Law and order (includes transparent tender system Safety and security of citizens, particularly women, children and the elderly)
(8)-Forest reserves like National Parks where animal Safari's can be provided for animal enthusiastic
(9)-To declare Gorakhpur as industrial backward area to provide tax incentives for setting up industries
(10)-Handloom training center & better approaches to sell handloom products by poor weavers
(11)- Spinning mills to provide raw material
(12)-Better medical facilities, and good governance, especially e-Governance and citizen participation.
(13)-Atleast one power plant to cater to the needs of Gorakhpur
(14)-Solar PV to be installed on every government building
(15)-Atleast one manufacturing unit which may employ approximately 5,000 people
(16)-Special Hospital to treat & eradicate Encephalitis
(17)-Drinking water for all
(18)-Cleaning Amii river
(19)- Marketing support to Terracotta industry ..
(20)-Air service to major cities.