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by TheaGood
on 6/3/17
If thy wife is short, bend down and whisper to her (B. M. 59a; D. 137).

Never do anything without first consulting her. Even if you deem yourself her superior in intellect, do not stand on your dignity, but ask her advice. It is also said: "Honour your wives, for thus you enrich yourselves" (ibid.). The respect which was felt for the wife may be seen from such sayings as "A man whose first wife dies is as though the Temple had been destroyed in his days" (Sanh. 22a), "Whose wife dies in his lifetime,
the world becomes dark for him" (ibid.), "He who loves his wife as himself and honours her more than himself…of him Scripture (Job v. 24) saith, "Thou shalt know that thy tent is in peace" (Jeb. 62b).