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by brajesh_pant
on 7/7/17
I own LG Nexus 5X. I had purchased it on 19th December 2015. My phone suddenly went in the restart mode on January 15, 2017 after the Nougat update (almost a month after the warranty). I submitted my phone to LG service center (Swargate, Pune), they checked and confirmed its a motherboard issue and it will take 10, 000 to repair the phone (I can buy a new phone by putting 5000 extra).

I read the forums that LG US is refunding due to these issues even if the phone is not in warranty and also LG has increased the warranty for 6-18 months. But also the 6th month extended warranty is over for my phone and i came to know this after reading the forums. The Customer Care and the Service center people are not supportive at all. Rather than suggesting a way ahead they are redirecting me to different people. Please suggest a solution or else I will be forced to file a complaint in the consumer court.

This was not expected out of LG. I am a Nexus lover and I trust LG. I have used Nexus 4 and also Nexus 5 before 5X but never faced such an issue. This phone should have been a better version of Nexus 5.

Please address and get this resolved ASAP. Waiting for your reply. @LGIndiaTweets