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by bw71961
on 6/3/17
~ For some Walmart workers, it depends on the state they may live in and the hourly wage each state pays, and what their gross pay would be, If these people would even qualify for food stamps. ~ Giving anyone who is in need of a small amount of food stamps, which may be a Billion dollar program each year, can not compare to the government waste of untold Trillions of dollars each year, for thousands of other programs. ~ The "Republicans", once again are not telling the truth about the gutting or cutting of Food Stamps. I guess they would have to now ask Walmart, Target, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Family Dollar, Dollar General, B.J.'s Warehouse, Sam's Club and a whole host of other retail outlets, who lobbied awhile ago, for the right to except "Food Stamps", when they never excepted them years ago. Now these businesses sell tons of groceries, that they had never sold before and it has became a nice "cash cow" or "corporate welfare" for them. ~ Ask these companies, if they suddenly want the very profitable food stamp program to go away. ~ These companies will just send their paid lobbyist too Washington and have a nice talk with Congress, about the great benefits to them, if they can keep the food stamps rolling along in their stores and warehouse clubs. ~ Shame on our government, because the food stamp cuts will come to the very people who need them. ~ I know a disabled 72 yr. old gentleman, who only received $613.00 a month in his permanent disability, and at one time, He also was able to receive $118.00 a month in food stamps and he could not even survive on this small amount of food stamps. ~ But !!!!, ~ Then low and behold a few years ago, in one of the last unemployment extensions the republicans pushed through congress, was a nice cut-back of food stamps, which was tucked into the bill and he soon received a notice, that his food stamps would be cut back to $67.00 a month. ~ Now you tell me !!!, ~ If he could not make it on $118, how was he ever going to make it on $67 a month. ~ Now as much money as the united states wastes each year, they could afford to give him $200 a month in food stamps and though he would be very grateful, it still would not feed a single person for 1 month, since food prices continue to rise ~