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by TheaGood
on 18/3/17
Crackdown on CONSUMER CONTRACT length needed
Who has time to read the fine print? Even I never read the fine print. Who wants to read through 9 pages of 8 point text? How about the Amazon Kindle, which comes with 79,183 words of fine print? That's longer than Shakespeare's Hamlet and Mac Beth put together! That's more than half the length of the New Testament! Who has time for that?

Anyone can slip anything into any contract and get it past anyone, just make the contract too long for anyone to reasonably read. Make the contract so long that it takes 5x as long to read it as whatever the device is worth in work hours for the people who buy it! And now, consumer advocacy groups are beginning to suggest laws about how long the fine print can be. See this. And I have a suggestion: There is no conceivable reason why any contract for any phone, computer, E-reader, or any other tech device should not fit on a single easy to read page. Any more than that, and someone has something to hide - like full permission to rape your data, hidden on page 17, sub section C.