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by TheaGood
on 20/4/17
Quite frankly, I don't believe the Facebook killer was real, or that the story was real at all. I have not come across anything that says it was not real, I just have a gut feeling and do not believe it. If Trump was going to back out on attacking Korea due to massive public dissent, the Facebook killer story was just too convenient.

Consider this: Yesterday was the day that for whatever reason the North Korea attack was put on hold. Low and behold, a report was released saying the Carl Vinson was moving AWAY from korea and was 3, 500 miles away. I don't believe that, but it was the story line. however,

The story was obscure until late in the day, and even today it is obscure. All of a sudden there is absolutely NO TALK AT ALL of an attack on North Korea, and instead we are supposed to follow the rabbit around a curve in the track to a distraction about a Facebook killer, and additionally, some guy who shouted Allahu Akbar while shooting up Fresno. Too convenient. Here is what I really think happened:

It became obvious that NEOCON BACKSTABBERS could not sell a war. So they pulled all talk of war from the news feeds and replaced them with "Facebook killer" stories and a terror attack, hoping no one would notice that Korea dropped out of the news.

Once again, I will say that I have no evidence the Facebook killer was a hoax, but the timing was too suspicious for me to believe it.