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on 13/3/17
Intelligence agencies have infiltrated and created some satanic groups, with the resurgence of groups of this type beginning in 1966, with the birth of the Church of Satan, founded by Anton LaVey. LaVey studied criminology in S.F. and worked in the SFPD crime lab, he also worked as an informant for Interpol. Prior to the Church of Satan, LaVey ran a group called theMagic Circle.
LaVey's most famous associate is the NSA's General Michael Aquino. At the time of his membership in LaVey's group Aquino was an Army specialist in intelligence and psychological warfare. In 1973 he became the executive officer of the 306
th Psychological Operations Battalion contemporary with his founding of the Church of Set. (Kieth pg 129)
General Michael Aquinowrote, "From PSYOP to MINDWAR: The Psychology of Victory". Aquino's thesis stated that enemy population could be subdued by inflicting a state of psychological terror and feelings of imminent destruction. He discusses the use of psychotronic weapons or electromagnetic weapons that influence the mind. Capitulation
could be induced without firing a shot by extremely low frequency (ELF) signals piggybacked on broadcasts of radio, TV, or microwave communications, to influence and
manipulate the thoughts and feelings of the target population. During the 60's he was prominent in the Church of Satan and a close friend of Anton LaVey, until he started his own Church of Set
. A police intelligence report dated July 1, 1981 reads, "The Church of Set is a group with hundreds of members that operates on a national level. Aquino is the official head of the organization and rules through a council of nine, who are in fact, his Lieutenants." At least two members of the "council of nine" at that time were members of army intelligence. In the late 1980's Aquino was accused by the San Franciscopolice
dept. of being involved in a satanic child molestation ring centered on the day care at the Presidio military base where Aquino was stationed at the time. Probable victims were
numbered at 68, many of whom had contracted venereal disease. Twenty-two families filed $66 million in claims against the army, claiming that criminal charges against Aquino were dropped due to pressure from the army. Aquino admitted to renting the German castle where the Nazi SS was formed and re-enactingthe secret ceremony that founded the Nazi SS,
among fellow spooks decked out in full Nazi regalia.
It is important to note that Michael Aquino is first and foremost, a military intelligence officer with over forty years experience in counterinsurgency/infiltration operations.
Members of Army intelligence and others in the intelligence agencies are possibly involved in an infiltration/counterinsurgency operation aimed at destabilizing the Constitutional centers of power in the United States.
These cults and other cause oriented groups have been
started or infiltrated by Aquino and his associates in order to
control large numbers of people. It should be noted that all of these cults are closed systems with their own belief
systems that are insular and separate from the reality that
most people take for granted.
These individuals are used to engage in anti-social acts that members of the greater society would not contemplate, including satanic ritual abuse (SRA)programming
and organized gang stalking. According to Kieth, Constantine and other researchers the following cults are linked to
Aquino or his associates in the intelligence community.

The mass suicides at Jonestown of 850 people had similar threads, a cult with sinister connections. Jim Jones, who had connections to the CIA, set up his Utopian experiment on the same land that the CIA had used to train mercenaries to fight in Angola. According to investigators, "the Jonestown experiment was conceived of by Dr. Lawrence Laird Layton, staffed by him, and financed by Layton." The African-American cult had at its core a Caucasian inner-council, composed of Layton and his family. Layton was a chemist in the Manhattan Project and head of the Army's chemical warfare research division in the 1950's.
The People's Temple cult took over the Mendocino State Hospital as part of a government pilot project to evaluate
the feasibility of de-institutionalizing mental patients. After a reduction in state funding most of the patients at Mendocino were released into the custody of the Peoples' Temple. Congressman Leo Ryan was assassinated in his attempt to investigate the cult. The pathologist in Guyana
reported 80-90% of the victim‘s bodies had fresh needle marks. Other victims had been shot or strangled. In 1981 survivors sued the former head of the CIA for "enhancing the economic and political powers of James Warren Jones"
and of conducting "mind control and drug experimentation" on the Temple flock.