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the proportion of black musicians in orchestras playing classical music. As it turned out, the percentage of Hispanics among musicians increased from 1.8% in 2002 to 2.5% in 2014; while over the same 12-year period, the proportion of black musicians dropped to 1.8 percent. The League issued a call to action statement: “There is an urgent need for white people and predominantly white organizations to do the work to eradicate this racism. We recognize that for decades, as a national association and voice for orchestras, we have endured and perpetuated systemic discrimination against black people that has been reflected in orchestral practices throughout our country. ”

The director of an art museum in San Francisco, who questioned the need to stop buying paintings by white artists, was fired.

The Washington Post asks about the appropriateness of the "white" of Jesus Christ:
As protesters across the US are tearing down statues of Confederate heroes and demanding that the country's long-standing racist legacy be addressed, some in the church are asking if it's time to undo what is called the White Jesus.
Against the backdrop of the history of the United States, during which European Christians colonized indigenous lands and enslaved African peoples during the Great Geographical Discovery, the general idea of ​​a white Jesus became problematic. "It's just impossible to ignore the very Nordic Jesus." This week, activist Sean King called to follow the monuments to Confederate leaders to overthrow statues depicting Jesus as a European, calling his depiction "a form of white supremacy."
Science fiction author Nnedi Okofor echoed this view. “Yes, 'blond blue eyed Jesus' is a form of white supremacy,” she tweeted.
Anthea Butler, associate professor of religious studies and African studies at the University of Pennsylvania, also warns of the devastating effects of white Jesus images.
"Every time you see a white Jesus, you see white supremacy," she said recently in the Religion News Service video series Becoming Less Racist: Lighting the Path to Anti-racism. According to scholar Butler, Jesus is not like black Christians. On the contrary, she said, Jesus looks exactly like "people who beat you in the streets or set dogs on you." That kind of Jesus sends a clear message, Butler said, "If Jesus is white, then God is white, so power is white."