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by womprat
on 4/1/18
@subway I read the article in @businessinsider and here is my takedown of what needs fixed to bring people like myself back:

1) Bring back sub of the month at a discounted (but still profitable) price, especially for new creations. I used to get a sub at least once a month to try out whatever sub you had picked out to entice us with.

2) Don't charge people extra for salads, we'll just order Jimmy Johns or PennStation instead. I realize that it's "sub"way, but people are carb conscious these days, just charge the same price regardless of bread, wrap, or bowl.

3) Let your franchises return to sourcing produce as -their- business needs dictate, not as corporate kickbacks demand. I'll gladly pay more for fresh, locally sourced produce and pass on poor ingredients at a cheap price.

4) Take a page from Starbucks app/rewards system, I go to Starbucks more than I probably should because of star rushes and mobile orders that don't require people interaction.

5) Partner with UberEats/Lyft/AmazonRestaurants, these drivers are already zipping all over cities with hot bags and coolers. Delivery without the overhead and liability.