so I happened to stumble upon this info on a Japanese site about #pes2019
"Winning Eleven 2019"
announced sponsored links
August 30 luxury with Privilege
such as reproductions of
Beckham 2018 model the figure
of 7600 yen now improved 9600
yen motion or action "Rising
shoot" "edge turn" such as 11
skills is add to. "Onna over wrap-
back" even pursue the
reproduction of reproduction
available-reality "snow" is
added. Printing New
representations of sunlight and
lighting with the latest
technology. Improvements to be
corresponding master league
evolution pre-season tournament
"Intana relational Championship"
Big club gather appeared budget
management and Transfers
negotiations to 4KHDR is. Myclub
has established a new weekly
PES league that by the same
degree of proficiency player to
appear reality and link as a
player is "attention players" who
played in the evolution of the
actual game. Lifting price of
reward or division in accordance
with the results of operations
also exist Maradona, Maldini,
Beckham, Cruyff, frit, Nedovedo,
VR corresponding to the other in
the legend athletes appeared
schedule Power Pro well as Khan
did not become. I wonder if non-
sense because it had been
expected that chopper is not a
deformation audience because
quite enjoy just power
professional spectator mode of