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by spaceboydave
on 5/2/18
@realDonaldTrump - this is a paper written by our daughter for her school class, a pretend School Field Trip. She chose to go to the moon along with a special guest: by Abby:
“To The Moon”
Today I am so excited! Why you ask? Well, because I am going to the moon!! It will be so fun. I am going to bring all of my friends, Emma, Addy, Brady, Logan, Matthew, Caleb, and Mrs. Andrea. This is what I need: My space-suit, MREs, water, food, and mt helmet. The Cool part is I am bringing Donald J Trump!! The President of the U.S.A!! Nest we get in the ship, we are all aboard. So, Mrs. Andrea starts the ship. In 5….4….3….2….1….BLAST OFF!!!!

It did not take long at all to get to the moon. It only took 3 minutes. When we were in space, we found puppies in the back. They were so cute so we took the back inside, looked at them, they are Huskies. We named them. There were nine so we each got one and Ema named hers Diamond, Jacob’s was Jacob, Addy’s was Taylor Swift, Matthew’s was Mr. Bonesalad, Mr. Trump’s was Abbygail. I don’t know why he named it Abbygail, but he did. So, mine is Donald J. Trump. Mrs. Andrea’s was Scarlet, Logan’s was Jeep, and Caleb’s was Rose.

When we got to the moon I was so excited. We got on our space-suits and helmets and go tot the moon. It was so fun! We saw an island on the moon! We looked at it and it was cool, we all took a drink of the water. The reason why it is so cool in Mr. Trump named it “Abby Island.” Isn’t that cool? It was hard for Mr. Trump to drink water from the island.

We got back to the space ship and went home. The trip was so different we went passed Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. We realized that we were going the wrong way! So, we turned around and finally came home. When we landed, we were so happy. I told everybody about how we were going the wrong way.