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on 11/5/18
#pes2019 interview with Andre Bronzoni
IGN Brazil Interview : André Bronzoni (Google translate)
The announcement of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 could not have
happened at a better time for Konami. The new edition of the traditional
soccer game was introduced shortly after the company celebrated 100 million in sales of
the franchise in the last 23 years, in addition to having had 100 million downloads of the
mobile version. The brand comes with changes: the game arrives 15 days before the
stores than in 2017, on August 30 in Brazil, the console / PC and mobile version are
considered as one and, for the first time, was made for the current generation - PS3
and X360 will not receive the game - which brings a number of benefits.
IGN Brasil spoke with André Bronzoni, manager of the PES brand for the Americas,
which tells more details of the announcement of PES 2019 and what we can expect from
the game. The executive says that fans are always priority and that, one of the things
that the game is bringing to their request is the snow. "We are always listening to fans
and the community. The snow in the matches was something that was very requested
and, in the game's look, it is incredible." "This is the best and most different PES
we've done in years."
According to him, the "handsome game" is the focus here. "We're bringing 4K and
HDR to all platforms, we're looking for more photorealism of players and stadiums, we
have upgraded the players' photos and their look in the game, everything is better, even
pigmentation and skin texture," details Bronzoni to explain the new look of PES 2019.
This is coupled with new animation streams that make athletes move even closer to the
"Each action will have a reaction The player hits a kick on the beam and he will react
on account of that The goalkeeper also will have a moment that will show relief on
account of that All of these animations are more interconnected in a more dynamic way
and real.We want to show more emotions of everything that happens in the field.When
the player hits or misses, that will be clear in the game. He says that one of the
novelties is that there are more reactions of frustration, since in a football match there
are more frustrations than joys.
Working on the current consoles is that it was possible to bring these new features to the
game. In PES 2019, the games are in a dynamic mood (it can start to rain with the
ball rolling, which it already had in the game) and also dynamic time, with a game that
starts in the late afternoon and ends at night. "We are using Enlighten, a resource
created in Japan, it is focused on lighting, which has changed a lot, we have light in the
stadiums and even the shadow of players who are going to be more realistic."
Realism also gets bigger in gameplay. According to Bronzoni, the new kick system will
bring new possibilities. "The way in which the player picks up the ball by kicking, the
ball, the plate, in fact, will have new animations. You will be able to see even the
'turbulence of the ball' towards the goal, which should give job to goalkeepers . " He
points out that each player, including goalkeepers, will have unique moves as their actual
And for Brazil? The brand manager says that Konami still works to obtain licenses and
there are many news for the Brazilian public that will be announced between July and
August. Upon ending the partnership with UEFA, he says there will be a lot of good
And who likes to play football in games will be able to play PES 2019 anywhere with
the mobile version. "MyClub campaigns, for example, will be replicated in both
versions. Today, mobile and console are one thing.
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