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by womprat
on 20/2/16

FCC Cable Box Ruling

@nerdist #FCC Know who's more excited about the FCC's ruling on cable content delivery? Cable employees tired of supporting boxes that get stuffed into low ventilation spaces, plugged into overloaded power strips, shorted out by cat hair and urine (no joke), recovering a box that has cockroaches come pouring out of it (again, not kidding), and dealing with people who refuse to do basic troubleshooting like rebooting or tightening/re-seating of connection cables because "I'm not a technician". Apple, Google, Amazon, and Roku are fully welcome to put up with that in addition to the wireless connectivity issues that are 99% fixable by the customer if they laid out their home theater and wireless equipment with a little more common sense.

Also, the FCC created this problem in the first place with their botched solution to ditching the box back in the 90's with TiVo and other similar devices, requiring the same hackjob of a software "solution" that made those devices "work" also be installed on cable boxes that were originally designed to seamlessly integrate with the providers network, in the name of "fairness" and "competition". So whether you received a Panasonic/Samsung/Scientific Atlanta/Cisco/Motorola cable box from your provider, or used a TiVo, you had the same glitchy software that frequently ended up in factory defaulting the provider boxes and replacing the SDV converters for the TiVo.

Now, for the plus side of my rant. Here's to hoping that this ruling gets content providers (note I said content, not cable) to get off of their asses in making CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) and iOS, Android, Roku, Microsoft, Playstation, Nintendo, Chromecast, and Fire apps to access them with. As an employee of a cable provider, yes I have discounted services and two cable boxes in my home, but I have more than two TV's and existing devices (consoles, Apple TV) that have limited content access due to the content providers not putting out apps evenly across multiple platforms. I can watch movies on Epix on my Xbox 360, but not on my PS3. Even as an employee of a cable provider, I want access without additional cable boxes.