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on 10/8/19

look at an early confirmed leak about your next iPhone 11

We are almost three months away from the date of the unveiling of the new iPhones, and despite the length of time, but there is a large amount of leaks and expectations that we must discuss, after Apple has already begun testing several models of the new iPhone, here's all we know so far about the device and the specifications of the new iPhone 11 to take a pre-idea of ​​the most important devices coming in 2019!

Based on leaks for the Covers of the new phones, we expect the smaller iPhone 11 to come with a length of 143.9 millimeters, a height of 71.4 millimeters and a thickness of 7.8 millimeters.

In comparison with the previous generation iPhone XS, the new phone will be slightly larger, while the larger phone iPhone 11 MAX It will come with a length, width, and height of 157.6, 77.5, and 8.1 millimeters respectively, compared to the previous generation.

The new phone will come with almost the same length and width but a thickness less, as the thickness of the iPhone 11 Max will be in the range of 7.7 mm.

Let's start with the set of features I hope to see in the next iPhone 11

A distinctive change in design, such as a reduction in the edges of the device and the reduction of the Notch somehow, which is almost certain as it seems that Apple has found a way to install some of the sensors required for Face ID technology at the bottom of the screen.

Improving Face ID does not necessarily mean that it can scan blood vessels - although that would be great - but any improvement on Face ID is welcome, such as working in more than one direction, as seen in recent iPad Pro devices.

Equipped with a fast charger for higher capacity, the iPhone currently comes with a 5W charger which is ridiculous given the price of the expensive device.

It supports fast charging but you should buy the charger separately.

We hope to see the promotion technology on new iPhones which raises the screen refresh rate to 120 Hz, and regardless of the difficulties in the manufacture or raise the cost of the device will form this feature if the iPhone reached a very important selling point and will make the update for the new model very logical.

For example, we saw how the iPhone 10 R was the best iPhone on the battery side because of the low pixel density of its screen.

Therefore, we hope that Apple will follow Samsung's footsteps and provide us with an option to lower the screen resolution which will inevitably improve battery life. For those who do not care the very high resolution of the screen.

iPhone 11 leaks

As for the name of the device it is easy to say that we will see three devices just like last year, is expected to carry the name of the device name iPhone 11 while the strongest device will be the iPhone 11 Max, while the least expensive device will carry the name of the iPhone 11 R.

Numbers are expected to be written in the name of the device In Romanian form (XI) after Apple abandoned the designation of devices in normal numbers since the unveiling of the iPhone X where it began to adopt Roman numeral, so the iPhone 11 will be a bit strange.

Other reports suggest that Apple may stop digitizing the iPhone forever and only adopt the iPhone name instead, something that the company has already applied in other products such as iPads.

Although the idea seems more practical, it will cause a lot of confusion when talking about the device's iPhone because of the large number.

As for the date of the disclosure of the iPhone 11, back to the history of Apple conferences in recent years we have been able to reach an approximate date for the detection of new devices, during the last seven years Apple has always adopted the month of September to detect iPhone, and the approximate date will be mostly on Tuesday, September 10 Next.

Assuming that date, we returned to the dates of Apple conferences in recent years, where we found a certain pattern, as Apple does not hold its conference only on the first Tuesday or Wednesday of the second week in September, so the options for this year either Tuesday on September 10 or Wednesday on the first Since Wednesday will coincide with the tragedy of 9/11, Apple will refrain from choosing him.

On the other hand, it has been reported that Apple may postpone its conference by a week so as not to conflict with the European IFA 2019 so we may see a delay to the seventeenth or eighteenth of September.

For pre-order, the next Friday will begin to detect the devices and then be officially available a week after the pre-order starts, but nevertheless, these dates remain only expectations and everything can change at any moment.

iPhone 11 design" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

1- The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max screens will likely not change compared to previous generation screens, as both phones will offer this 5.8-inch OLED Panel for the smaller iPhone 11 vs. 6.5-inch for the larger iPhone 11 MAX, some leaks predicted a change in However, this is likely to happen next year, not this year.

2- The latest leaks show us that we will see a host of new changes, especially on the back.

3- When I saw the design for the first time I almost assured that Apple will not adopt a strange design in this way, because the cameras and flash are arranged asymmetrically and alien to Apple.

4- The size of the backbox seems too large and protruding outside to increase the thickness of the device, will react to this design from someone There is no doubt that it will cause great controversy.

5- However, this model is still uncertain as Apple has time until next May to adopt a final design and until then may show a lot of modifications or may completely exclude the design, but at the moment the previous model is the most likely.

6- On the other hand, Apple is expected to change the glass used in the manufacture of the device and the adoption of frosted glass instead of shiny glass that has been used since the iPhone 8.

7- This glass will be similar to that used in the Pixel 3 where it will give the device more durability, as other sources provided Designed for the next device where we may see a structure with flat side surfaces similar to the new iPad Pro which is unlikely.

8- Although the previous designs are just expectations, but there is no smoke without fire as Apple is already thinking about making drastic changes in the new iPhone to push more users to update and buy it, and in that way also seems to be launching iPhone 11 in two new colors (blue and gold) in addition to Silver and gray colors of the devices last year.

9- On the other hand, Apple is planning some changes regarding the screen, and these changes may not be positive for some of them is the 3D Touch technology.

10- Some analysts and specialists claim that Apple is about to turn off the 3D Touch feature in the following phones after iOS 13 came with the features of Peek and Pop as well as home screen shortcuts that will work without 3D Touch from the ground up and it is expected that the same technologies will work on the old and new Apple phones but Without relying on the screen itself.

Camera iPhone 11

1- The camera will get the largest share of the update on the iPhone 11, we will find three cameras on the back of the iPhone 11 Max, while the other two models (iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 R) only rear cameras, so it is very likely that we will say this year goodbye to one camera on iPhone.

2- Other sources say that the three cameras will not be exclusive on the most powerful device iPhone 11 Max, but we will find three cameras also on the device iPhone 11 512GB version of the largest storage capacity only, but this is not accurate.

3- Although Apple has already developed features Exclusive to specific versions of its devices but those features were minor such as a special color or similar, so I do not expect to see the iPhone 11 basic version of two cameras, but at the same time nothing is impossible, Apple itself has not relied on nothing yet.

4- As for the camera specifications, we will find two lenses accurately 14 and 10-megapixel camera, and based on the report of the site Bloomberg rear cameras will have a wide-lens Ultra-Wide-Angle through which users will be able to take pictures with many details from the surroundings of the photographer.

5- As well as through the third lens will be able to increase Optical Zoom This is while the XS and XS MAX come with 2x optical zoom, but it is likely to increase this year as well, and optical zoom is responsible for preserving image quality and details after zoom work during shooting.

6- The front camera is expected to increase its resolution from 7 megapixels to 12 megapixels and will change from a 4-element lens to a five-element lens, and this will certainly contribute significantly to increase the quality and brightness of the image.

7- The new camera is also likely to carry improvements for underwater photography, as the iPhone 11 will automatically detect its presence underwater and then adjust the shooting settings appropriately to capture the best underwater images.

8- In addition to all the leaks and features that the new cameras will carry, Apple's iPhone 11 is expected to focus on the augmented reality experience more than ever, in order to increase its wider use for customers in more applications and games and revolutionize communication with each other.

Battery, ports and charging on iPhone 11

1- The iPhone XS has a fairly robust battery, and Apple seems to be extending its device life by up to 25% by providing the iPhone 11 with a more powerful 4000mAh battery - an unprecedented move from the company. Known as Bilateral Wireless Charging, a technology that will allow you to use the back of your iPhone 11 as reverse wireless charging, which is almost certain, especially after Apple unveiled the new generation of AirPods headphones that support wireless charging, as well as the company, canceled the charger for AirPower (in time). At least.

2- This technology is known to Android users and similar to Samsung is known as Power Share.

3- You can also place your friend's phone on the back of your phone to charge it, of course, if it supports wireless charging, and it applies to iPhone and Android phones.

4- Last but not least, there have been numerous reports of whether Apple will move from its 5-watt USB-A charging port, the charger that is included in the phone cases, but in April there were reports that Apple would put a charger 18W with the iPhone 11 in its box, which we all certainly wish for.

5- As for the port, we all hope to see USB-C on the iPhone 11, but this may not happen this year as Apple will stick to the usual port, and we are confirming that this is true that the new speakers have carried a Lightning port, even if Apple intends to use USB-C on the iPhone 11 We've seen it in the new headphones as they always unify everything in their devices, so we might wait until 2020 before we see USB-C on iPhones.

Plugin iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

1- The new phones will get new connectivity features as the iPhone 11 will be able to play music on two Bluetooth devices/speakers at the same time, which will be through Dual Bluetooth Audio, one of the technologies available in the fifth version of Bluetooth.

2- A large number of Android phones, especially Flagships, have been available for a long time, but they are not present in the iPhone, although there is a Bluetooth 5 chip in all iPhones starting in 2017.

3- The reason for the lack of this technology is sync problems Because the chip has been on the iPhone since 2017, it may be available through a system update for the iPhone 8/8 Plus / X.

4- At the moment, iPhones support connecting to more than one Bluetooth device at the same time, but they do not support the connection of two devices of the same type.

5- You can connect to your car and smartwatch and headset, but you can not do this with two speakers At the same time.

6- It is also worth noting that the iOS 13 update has enabled the AirPod to be connected simultaneously, so it is not far from our guess and the technology becomes fully available.

Processor and Performance in iPhone 11" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

1- Apple is continuing to develop its own A processors, which are manufactured by themselves.

2- The two new phones of this year are expected to come with the Apple A13 processor, which Apple began to actually manufacture at the beginning of this year in cooperation with the global manufacturer TSMC.

3- The A13 is based on 7nm + manufacturing accuracy and we expect to see a significant performance difference compared to the previous generation A12.

4- In general, experts predict that the most important feature of the upcoming A13 Bionic processor is that it will deliver improved performance on the motherboard based on AI, and this as a contribution from Apple in the world of AI keeps on expanding.

5- What is unique about Apple processors is the performance of the single-core, something that Apple has been superior in many years based on platform measurements such as Geekbench 4.

Fingerprint under the screen?

1- It is highly unlikely that Apple will re-use the fingerprint again because it has focused on Face ID so that this technology has become one of the most important features of its devices.

2- so we expect to see more improvements on Face ID to make it safer and protection as we will not see a fingerprint under the screen, but we may see the transition of Face ID For a whole new level of protection.

3- It seems that Face ID in iPhone 11 may be able to scan the network of blood vessels in the face of the user to verify the identity of the device definitively and not only based on the details of the face.

4- This means that iPhone devices may finally be able to differentiate between the real twins as they have a similar vessel model Very distinguishable.

Other features:

1- With every iPhone, Apple introduced us to a new generation of digital sequences, so this year we will see the A13 processor that will be as powerful as Apple's.

2- Better water resistance, Apple is developing a display that can be used normally in rain or even underwater.

3- Support for the Wi-Fi 6 standard will be considered a satisfactory feature for losing support for 5G networks that may not reach the iPhone before 2020.

4- Support for Apple's first-generation pen, because the second generation is charged wirelessly through the iPad Pro, while the first generation can be charged wired through an external port and who knows we may see a new pen.

Price of iPhone 11

Despite the decline in sales of the iPhone, we do not expect any reduction in the prices of new devices, but it is possible to see an increase in it, especially since we will see many changes, and the prices of the iPhone 11 may start from $ 999 while the price of the iPhone 11R may start from 749 As in current devices.

New iPhone 11 release date:

Like every year, we've been doing some sleuthing around the possible iPhone 11 release date, and we think we've got a pretty good idea around what's coming:

iPhone 11 launch date: September 10, 2019

iPhone 11 pre-order date: September 13, 2019

iPhone 11 release date: September 20, 2019