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by jeremylr
on 25/7/10
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@floridatheatre Hi, I'm a Pop Culture Writer for The Examiner, & a recent graduate of the University of Georgia with a Masters in Agricultural Leadership. Feel free to visit my writer's page by clicking here:

I would like to write an article on the Florida Theatre, its history, & its excellence in bringing a variety of musical acts to folks in South GA & Florida throughout the year. This could be a multi-part piece.

I live about 2.5 hours north of Jacksonville, & the Florida Theatre is my lifeline to enjoying great music.

I plan on attending Tuesday's show featuring The Happy Together Tour. It would be a pleasure to also write about the show & each performer. Haven't got a ticket yet, but it would be only myself attending.

In addition, concert photos are a necessity. Is there a way I could be close to the stage during the concert?

I'm not sure exactly who to send this to, & I would appreciate you forwarding my query to the correct individual. Or, please give me a name, & I would be happy to proceed from there.

Ultimately, it is my intention to be able to attend a handful of shows @ The Theatre each year & provide a running commentary on each artist/group represented there. I can also write promotional articles in advance of an artist appearing in order to boost ticket sales. I look forward to hearing from you & sincerely,

Jeremy Roberts
National/Local Pop Culture Examiner