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by womprat
on 3/3/16
@chrislhayes @hardball_chris @maddow #democraticprimary

Everyone likes to talk about what happens to Trump leading up to November if he takes the nomination, but MSNBC seems afraid to talk about what happens if Hillary takes ours. People come on your shows practically gloating about how the ads against Trump will play out, but we tiptoe around Hillary.

Emails. Benghazi. Flip flops on TPP, gay marriage, KORUS, CAFTA, NAFTA, debt ceiling, payroll taxes, Syria, Cuba, Iraq, Keystone XL, illegal immigrants, guns, charter schools, coal, and don't think it won't go all the way back to this, Whitewater.

Why are we so intent on handing the GOP the perfect candidate for their SuperPACs to tear apart with commercials? Are we really so ignorant and set in our ways that we think the Queen of Flip Flops will be able to beat the rabid supporters of Trump simply because she represents the norm in politics? If anything has come from BOTH primaries, it's that the status quo of politics is no longer acceptable to either side.

Trump cannot attack Sanders in the same way that he can Clinton. The only thing that Trump can do to attack Sanders is the one thing that we all know is the man behind the curtain when it comes to Trump: policy.

Trump is big on talk, grandeur, and insults both direct and obtuse, but the one thing he's short on is policy. Policy viewpoints are the only thing that Trump can capitalize on against Sanders, who doesn't have the political baggage that Trump does. Democratic socialism can be explained, reversing your position every time someone flushes a toilet on Capitol Hill cannot.

Sanders on the other hand, has multiple avenues to attack Trump on policy, including Trump's dependency on the biggest social program for businesses out there: bankruptcy. Sanders can go to town on showing how Trump himself depends on socialist policies that directly contradict Trump's supposed capitalist business acumen. Trump has also been the beneficiary of our immigration system, not once but twice with his wives.

Hillary Clinton has been the target of demonization by the GOP ever since Obama won in 2012, because they knew she would be back for another run at the presidency. Everything that gives you a rabid Trump supporter is the same things that gives you a rabid Clinton hater. Instead of giving them the very target they want to hate, give them something they haven't been conditioned to hate. Give them someone that speaks with energy, with passion, that doesn't come off as sounding scripted and polished by a staff of writers. Give them someone who doesn't fit the mold they've been shaped to hate.