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by zero_twr
on 13/3/18
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You know, honestly I'm tired communication with you like this. I just want a real chat, cuz there's so many questions I want to ask. Dont worry I would not ask about love or something dealing with privacy. Our conversation were just only talk about concept and ideas not less and not more. Cuz it's hard for me to understand what you like and dislike, sometimes I curious does he likes my tweet or not? or something he needs? And I kept wonder, but you replies with rmusic and kim daily??? Hello!!! I'm not read-minder? I'm a human being who needs two side communication and directly without borders. I used to waiting you on facebook with hope you will contact me through fake account as Mrs Zakiyah 58 yrs old from pakistan and sent me message. "Hi, Nami it's me "You know who?" (Dont mention name) I like your tweets but could you give me another idea cuz that not match with our concept" that is!!! Simple! !!! after that we can remove those conversation to protect our privacy. Does it hard for you to do that? and if you still doubt and worry, for hundreds time I told you 'Dont you worry' doesnt 4 years has not enough to proof my loyalty (I kept shut my mouth and live like a shadow) honestly I just like to helps and never ask for more. But never mind it was just my idea and I dont want you to do something you didn't like. Thank you and have great day.