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by Risheh23
on 24/6/21


Years go by and I still refuse to follow suit, he says that the body is ruthless and my heart only takes it as a joke, they say that age has damaged his features and the beard has made him older, but I can only see a young man with long hair, shaved face and childish features, one of them said When he turns thirty-four we will all cry and I see no reason to cry..

Between them and I, there is no way for us all to get along, and I'm not interested in having the right say of theirs, they don't know anything about it from what I know, let them crack my head that the journey is almost over to leave me enjoying beating the neck of time for love in the one who taught me that time is hit by feet , my friend hasn't grown up and no trip is close to the end, and I will see in his eyes only that passionate, shy kid who says "Hello, my name is Lionel Messi and I want to be a striker in FC Barcelona"

Happy Birthday to the best who touched football through the History
#Messi34 🐐🐐