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by jeremylr
on 4/5/10
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Mrs. Wynonna,

Hi, my name is Jeremy Roberts. It's raining an awfully lot in South GA right now, & I hope you're doing well, too. I recently graduated from UGA.

I'm looking forward to seeing you this Saturday in concert in Valdosta, GA. It will be my 1st time. I still remember riding with my mom when I was little, listening to you sing that classic line, "oh grandpa, tell me 'bout the good 'ol days."

What is the protocol for conducting an interview with you to promote your latest LP as well as your upcoming stop in Valdosta? Is there a manager or publicist I need to contact?

I'm the National Pop Culture Examiner, an umbrella term really for classic tv, concerts, music, from Elvis to the Beatles, soul, vintage country, r&b, & gospel, or a good autobiography that I want to tell folks about.

If you decided to grant me an interview, I would also try to run it in our local newspaper, post it on Twitter, your official website, & Facebook.

I will appreciate whatever your decision might be. If yes, I can email you questions that you could choose from or via phone, it's your call.

Finally, thanks for keeping Elvis alive with Burning Love, Lilo & Stitch, & the Nashville Salutes Elvis at the Ryman about 2 years ago. Best wishes,

Jeremy in Alapaha, GA (uh-lap-uh-haw)