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by gogoniantking1
2 weeks ago
Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has deployed the National Guard to guard state-owned buildings amid riots in Wisconsin's Madison capital.

“As a result of the protests in Madison last night, casual passers-by were seriously injured, and state property suffered significant damage,” the Evers statement said.

“The Wisconsin National Guard will work under limited authority so that people can enjoy the rights envisaged by the First Amendment [to the US Constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech], while ensuring that people, buildings, and state infrastructure are protected,” statement.

On Tuesday evening, demonstrators tumbled down two monuments at the State Capitol. Judging by the photographs, one of the monuments was thrown off the base and sunk in a nearby body of water.

State Senator Tim Carpenter said demonstrators attacked him and “kicked him in the head” when he shot them from the Capitol on Tuesday evening.

Police said a group of 200-300 people also threw Molotov cocktails at a government building and tried to break into the Capitol building.