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by Rod_Thomson
on 14/8/18
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Terror of a Rogue FBI

Whether you love Trump, hate Trump or would just kind of like to place a pox on all politics, what happened within the FBI in 2016 through today should send shivers down every American spine. We fret about what might happen under Trump, when the revelation is what did happen under Obama.

The fact that the media is disinterested in covering this as the Cat 5 scandal it is, focusing instead on a scandal that is yet to be shown even exists, is shameful and the driving reason for the bifurcation of American media outlets and Americans.

Here are the facts:

FBI Director James Comey: Fired
FBI Deputy Director McCabe: Fired (under investigation)
FBI Chief Counsel Baker: Demoted, Abruptly quit under cloud of controversy)
FBI Chief of Staff Rybicki: Quit under a cloud of inquiries
FBI Counsel Page: Demoted, Quit (under investigation)
FBI Deputy Director of Counterintel Strzok: Demoted, Fired (under investigation)

These are the highest levels of the FBI and all are connected to "investigating" the Trump-Russia collusion narrative — yet apparently in order to do so violated FBI rules and policies, and/or broke federal laws when we have yet to discover any underlying crime.

The FBI had been totally compromised at the top by 2016, acting as a political arm of, apparently, the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign. If it became a political arm of the Trump administration, the media would rightly be in a coverage frenzy and Americans would be terrified.

But the media still just sort of goes through the motions with the overwhelming evidence that it *already happened* two years ago. Yawn. Worse, they look to just paint it as partisan politics by Republicans.

My friends, take this seriously. It would be better to have no FBI then to have one used as a weapon against domestic political opponents. We hear a lot about how banana republics do this and that, how dictators do this and that. Mostly, those are nonsense comparisons from political hacks.

Using the nation's primary law arm against Americans, however, is one area where that is undeniably true.