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FILBox gameplay introduction

V1 gameplay introduction:

Participation amount: 1FIL-100FIL

Annual pledge of mining: 182.5-365%

Effective user FO: Participating in investment is an effective user

Invitation revenue:

Directly push 1 effective user and reward 25.6% of the first-level pledge income

Directly push 2 effective users and reward 16.8% of the income from level 2 pledge

Directly push 3 effective users and reward 12.8% of the income from level 3 pledge

Directly push 4 effective users and reward 6.4% of the 4-level pledge income

Directly push 5 effective users and reward 3.2% of the 5-level pledge income

Directly push 6-10 effective customers, and reward 1.6% of the 6-10 pledge income

Directly promote 11-15 effective customers, reward 0.8% of the 11-15 pledge income

Example: A invites users A1, B1, and C1 to pledge 100fil respectively. If the annualized rate is 365%, then the income of A1, B1, C1 on the day will be 1fil, and A is the inviter's invitation income of 0.256fil. At the same time, A1 invites A2, B1 invites B2 users, C1 invites C2 users, A2, B2, C2 users pledge 100fil, then the invitation reward for A1, B1, and c1 is 1*16.85=0.1618fil.

The reward for A is 0.256*3+0.1618* 3=1.2534fil
Team benefits (excluding one largest group):

The total pledge stock of the f1 team is 1000fil, rewarded with 10% of the pledge income

The total pledge stock of the f2 team is 5000fil, reward the team with 15% of pledge income

The total pledged stock of the f3 team is 10000fil, reward the team with 20% of pledge income

Example: A invites groups A1, B1, C1, group A1 pledge amount is 3000fil, group B1 pledge amount is 2000fil, group C1 pledge amount is 1000fil,

group A's income is:

(B1+C1) pledge amount×annualized/day×10%

Weighted income of the whole network:

The total computing power of the fpro team is 20000fil, which rewards 5% weighted income from the pledged income of the whole network

Example: Except that the team's maximum group pledge amount is more than 20000fil, it also has a 5% weighted FIL output from the V1 pool's entire network pledge amount. The formula: W is the income of the fpro group N is the V1 entire network pledge amount H is the number of fpro. The annualized average value is 280%,