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on 21/9/16


Trump got money the old timey way. Get people to spend their money for things you want and you will spend less of your own money for your needs. You call the government an investor in your property venture via loans and grants. When smaller investors see your success they will come even workers will work at a pay cut or u simply do not pay them because after all they are alien or worse illegals and you know the law because you got a legal team and public relations operatives.

You set up your own foundation but it's your piggy bank and like your company keep it in the family. It's your private piggy bank, as you put less of your money in it as they put more of their own in it. When u spend you call it charity even if it's about you.

When things turn ugly you skip out. After all you are incorporated it's Trump Inc and YourFamily Inc. Trump Inc gets the poop but YourFamily Inc keeps their money.

Trumo Inc rides on an ocean of tax loop holes, fraud, debt and simply tax delay and avoidance because Trump Inc is cash poor but puts on a good show of image of money and for 80% of Americans image is everything when you got a jet and a building with your name on it