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by gogoniantking1
3 weeks, 4 days ago
Today is George Floyd. Before him was Rodney King.

The guy whiled away the time of his parole after the previous robbery. March 3, 1992, having warmed up with alcohol and drugs, Rodney with a breeze (188 km / h) swept through Los Angeles, ignoring traffic signals. During the arrest, he exerted violent resistance to the police. The court reviewed the actions of the police and declared them lawful. The Negro community (including the black mayor of the beautiful City of Angels) outraged the court. For the sake of truth, we note that the criminal "bottom" of various shades of skin color quickly joined the pogrom. Result: 63 killed, 2.383 wounded, about 5 thousand commercial premises were looted, 1150 units were stolen. firearms, the total damage to the city was estimated at $ 1 billion. Rodney King received - no, not a new term, but compensation of $ 3.8 million; With this money he bought a chic house with a pool, in which he drowned while in a state of drug intoxication.