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by jeremylr
on 7/5/10
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Mr. Thomas,

With today being Friday, please consider calling George Klein's Sirius/XM Elvis radio show. He will be broadcasting live, across the street from Graceland, from 3:00 PM Eastern until 7:00 tonight. George does his show every Friday afternoon.

The show's producer is Big Jim Sykes, along with assistant producer Duke Brando. One of those guys will answer the phone. The number is 1-888-ELVIS-NOW.

I'd love to hear you discuss Elvis, meeting him, Elvis recording your songs, how he influenced you, what you're doing now, & your touring. GK likes to wing things, & he has a lot of respect for r&b, rock & roll, soul, or any music from the '60s.

Hope you can talk to all the Elvis fans today, & I'm looking forward to your next studio LP.

Jeremy Roberts in Alapaha, Georgia (uh-lap-uh-haw)