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by gogoniantking1
2 weeks ago
The leader of the black activists threatened to "burn the United States." The president of the New York branch of Black Lives Matter told about this on the air for Fox News. Hawke Newsome reasoned about whether violent methods of struggle could be justified. He noted that the American system since its foundation consists of violence. He cited the war of independence as an example.
If this country does not give us what we want, we will burn this system and replace it. Clear? I can say it both figuratively and literally. This is a matter of interpretation.
Hawke Newsome, Head of New York's Black Lives Matter
The activist added that Washington is interfering with the regimes and is also trying to replace African American leaders with their own people that they like. In this regard, Newsom said that it would be hypocritical for residents of the country to blame the BLM movement for a tendency to violence.
Newsom did not condone the violence, but noted that it was violent protests that led to the desired results. In particular, the uprisings in the 1960s led to the enrichment and development of the African American community.