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by CityVista
on 11/2/20

Crony capitalist Dhammika Perera

The Crony capitalists, Dhammika Perera and military businesses of Lanka have great support from guess who?
The World Bank is doing its fair share for CRONY CAPITALISM and BAD GOVERNANCE in Mother Lanka- contributing to the Rajapakse military dictatorship and ruin our land.
Its wheels within wheels – World Bank has given massive loans to Gota the goon’s Ministry of Defence via the Urban Development Authority and funding the militarisation of Lanka for city “beautification” for CHOGM aka, Commonwealth of Clowns and guess what – de-development of society and governance.
There is NO transparency with World Bank funds give the UDA under Ministry of Defence. The World Bank talks big about GOOD GOVERNANCE – but is contributing funds for the militarisation and deterioration of governance structures by the Rajapakse brothers who are looting Lanka