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by RBronina
on 18/10/18
#Taxpayers of the #EuropeanUnion pay up to 100EUR a year on corruption in #Ukraine
By me and by the team of the Foundation "International Anti-Corruption Courts" during 2014-2018 were carried out independent investigations regarding financial assistance, directed by the European Union institutions to fight corruption in Ukraine, as a result of which schemes for looting the EU budget were identified, which may be organized by the European Audit Chamber, The European Central Bank and the European Anti-Fraud Office).
So, The European Commission has devised and implemented a scheme for the withdrawal and laundering of financial resources of EU taxpayers in Ukraine, namely:
1. The European Commission allocates financial resources from the EU budget to Ukraine under the guise of fighting corruption in Ukraine, which are laundered and stole up to 1 cent, and such theft is covered up by the European Anti-Fraud Office and the European Audit Chamber, the European Central Bank.
2. The European Court of Auditors falsifies reports on the use of funds allocated from the EU budget and from the budget of the EU countries to fight corruption in Ukraine, than helps to launder financial resources of taxpayers of Europe.
3. European Anti-Fraud Office covers up the above crimes and not only do not investigate them, but also block investigations of independent anti-corruption public institutions ( providing at best elementary unsubscribings ( copy of the document is attached).
4. The European Central Bank also blocks my investigations into the looting of the EU budget, starting with the fact that it does not create an ethics commission (that is a corruption crime).
These facts testify to a possible collusion between the European Central Bank, the European Anti-Fraud Office and the European Chamber of Auditors, which allowed the withdrawal and laundering of other grants in the amount of up to €2 billion EU grants for Ukraine over the past four years. Lawsuits are being prepared by me.
To form a document base for the courts, I and my team during 2017-2018gg. carried out investigations in every region of Ukraine, in every city and even in many villages of Ukraine. I received more than 500 official references (from government institutions in the regions of Ukraine (copies of letters are attached), that:
1. During the period from 2014 to 2018, in the regions of Ukraine, not a single event (seminar, conference) was not held at the expense of those EU finances that were aimed at combating corruption and about which I was informed by the Commissioners of the European Commission.
2. During the period from 2014-2018 - not a single brochure, no printed or electronic document was not received by any city, village or non-governmental organization in Ukraine as part of Ukraine's financial assistance from the EU to fight corruption.
3. During the period from 2014-2018 no one organization, including ours, has not received a single percentage of financial assistance to fight corruption from the funds sent by the EU to Ukraine under the guise of financing anti-corruption efforts.
4. The European Office for the fight against fraud and the European Audit Chamber argued that EU money has been credited to the state budget of Ukraine. This is not true. From the state budget of Ukraine in the period 2014-2018, not one cent of financial assistance for combating corruption was not allocated either on behalf of the European Union or on behalf of the State of Ukraine, which is confirmed by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (the document is attached), and indicates, that that the budget of Ukraine prohibits allocating even 1 cent to non-governmental organizations in Ukraine to fight corruption, and state organizations in the regions of Ukraine also not received no one cent for the purpose from 2014 to 2017.
Thus, all the 400 million euros that were allocated from the EU budget to fight corruption in Ukraine (copy of the letter from Peter M. Wagner - the Head of the support group for Ukraine is attached) to 1 percent are looted, because the target destination of these funds intentionally not controlled by the EU or falsified reports are used.
According to our calculations each EU taxpayer pays up to 100 euros per year on the development of corruption in Ukraine, but not to fight it. Instead of reforms, banal money laundering is carried out and selects the topical excuse for money laundering.
All of the above facts in the near future will find a place in the courts of Europe.
Sincerely yours,
Executive Director of
Foundation "International Anti-Corruption Courts" Ruslana Bronina