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by CityVista
on 24/7/16

Sympathy for Palestine

Sympathy for Palestine
Why is France getting attacked? It all started after France
said they were going to recognize Palestine as a state,
then they started getting odd ‘terror’ events which
are used to demonize Muslims. The same happened with
Belgium after they started moving in the same direction.
Norway also had a mass killing after they sided with
Palestine. A a pro-Palestine and anti-Israel political youth
organization was attacked, leaving 77 dead.
In October 2014, France’s foreign minister said France
would recognise a Palestinian state even if peace talks
with Israel fails.
In November 2015 we had the Paris attacks.
In Belgium the parties of the new centre right
government agreed to recognise Palestine as a state. The
Chamber of Representatives adopted a resolution in
favour of this motion in 2015.
Then we had the 2016 Brussels bombings.
Norway upgraded the Palestinian
mission in Oslo to an embassy in
December 2010, and Foreign
Minister Jonas Gahr Støre called for
the creation of a Palestinian state
within a year.
Then we had the 2011 Norway