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by CavyBooks
on 19/8/20
So today my husband and I went to McDonald's to take advantage of their dollar drink days. I mean, come on, why wouldn't you? And boy do I have some issues.

So we were talking as we walked in the door, my mask was in my hand at the time as I was doing something and legit forgot to put it on. (OK, maybe I didn't forget. The damn things are so hard to breathe through)

I think I got half a foot from the door and the manager looks at me and said this "Please put your mask on". Now this doesn't bother me but it was her attitude.

She acted like she was god's gift to man when she said it. Seriously? If you're gonna have that kind of attitude then don't be front line staff!

Yes I will go back but if they do this again, they've lost a customer.