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by CityVista
on 11/2/20

Ruling Rajapakse Clan

Rajapaksa is a ‘name’ that the British Raj gave to people who did a good job in Negombo/ Seeduwa area, close to Katunayake.
Their Malaccan relatives were banished by Islamic Rulers of Malacca for helping the Portuguese conquest of Malacca.
They were feared, and known for their brutality and ruthlessness. The Malaccan family forcibly possessed fertile paddy fields and coconut lands belonging to natives by enforcing their brutality though rape and murder. Some of the residuum of the Malaccan Catholic relatives remain in the Seeduwa/ Negombo area, such as the Lansa Family...
Members of one section the of the Southern migrant Malaccan family’s later converted to Islam to blend with the Muslims of Malay and Arab descent, in order to receive trade benefits and credit from Muslim traders