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by asu_rockz
4 weeks ago


Q1- What if private firms (JioMart etc) initially offer good prices to all the farmers, remove other competitors by offering best prices and later betray farmers by decreasing the amount?

Ans- It is actually not possible as offline groceries are not going anywhere for next 20 30 year so that means the farmers can directly deal with grocery stores and this will create the regular ongoing and successfully long running business model of Wholesaler distributor and Seller business model to work, and in this model farmers are the business leaders and not under Any 2nd man as was the case with APMC old system where they had to follow APMC MANDI Regulations. And For your Information Jio mart can take out Offline market but not Burger King Mcdonalds and Taj Hotel, and other such restaurants and food stalls. Problem you talk about is very miniscule and cannot be used against the farmers on such a large Scale. But still I guess even if the possibility is miniscule We can ask for solutions from govt.

Q2 Nowhere in the laws is mentioned about the legal terms that the company can set with the farmers. If a company tricks a farmer into some legal trap because the farmer wasn't aware about that legal stuff then what?
Ans- This proves that you haven’t read my document and are least interested to read it as I had already Mentioned this issue there and how it could be avoided, which is basically educating Farmers and I‘m aware that many farmers are past their learning age, for which we should should have protested to include another set of law or modify the existing law not scrape off the entire thing. And about the inclusion of legal terms in the law you are wrong it is included In our constitution already where there is special provision for farmers farmers just need to know it.

Q3.The freedom to sell the produce in other states is great but why is there a need to stop Mandis? Mandis do need to improve and farmers need to know the prices, that's true, but Mandi is a place where farmers can get an assured benefit.Storage facilities and more Mandis should be set up within the state itself so that small farmers don't need to bare extra transportation costs and fall preys to middle-men. Mainly small farmers from others states need a lot of support and awareness from their respective Govt.

Ans- You have made many good points. Solutions do exist for that in forms of start up. You have made 2 wrong and misleading statements
1- Mandis are not scraped anywhere but farmers are given the choice to choose otherwise.
2- Mandis are in no ways good as The prices are decided between Mandis and dealers farmers were forced to accept the procured price as there was no alternative, which now is present. I have video proofs to back that point and I have few business man who have said similar situations in mandis.

Q4. MSPs benefit only 10% farmers. MSPs greatly help big agricultural states but don't help small farmers. They are not aware of the prices. Some are not aware of laws too and are falling prey to unlicensed traders. There is some blame on the Govt of those states as well.

Agreed. The protest should be about Making MSP a Law not just a Scheme, but as you can see the protests are infiltrated by many fakes..

Q5. The new laws allow buying from the farmers with only your Pan card. This is insane. So many people would misuse this, what about that? Under APMC, only registered traders can buy from farmers. There are terms and conditions. Only registered traders can negotiate in the Mandis.

Agreed. I’m ignoring the exaggeration here. Farmers won’t do suicide for this. But yes misuse will be there. This is a Loophole and PAN cards can be faked. ANd under APMC law the license traders are the REASON this new law was required.

Corruption is everywhere. Unless farmers are made aware & the current laws are modified, there's no sense in bringing new laws with so many loop holes. You can't blame Mandis for that. The Govt is at blame too. Agriculture is greatly neglected due to lack of knowledge & resources

No, the new laws actually destroy the corruption in the Mandis because if they do so they won’t be able to get any farmer willing to deal with them. The only possible corruption now exist in the Courts and Law realm, which can be repelled by educating the farmers.

No, there are not too many Loopholes in the bill. That is just you over-exaggerating stuff. The benefits it comes with is something we can’t neglect but, there are loopholes we need to fix.
And Yes, Mandis are to blame for farmers bad situation alongside lack of knowledge and technology.