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by 1988dopeass
on 26/6/19
"Why duze everyone keep colling me Alt - right? ayhem not woth those Alt rite neeyo natzee (neo nazi) woit suh pre mists (white supremists) so you can deleet yuor mean wods off yuor twittah off yuor facebook.. imagine moi shock though aye ..dat tha manstrem meteor (mainstream media) is trong to per pech chu ate fake news against consavatism which is dah new countah cultcha thanks to the manstrem libarel meteor, Milos Yinopoolis haz become a rockstah for those of yew not undastandin how the maynstream meteor are brainwashing our youth! Don't fah get to subskribeh and prevent dah kultural markcists from eatin yuor childrun unless yew do not loik the truth then yuo are a libarel barmpot I am Paul Peter Joseph Watson of infowars...and yu libarels ae through"