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by gogoniantking1
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Pass a bill to provide $ 165 billion a year to abolish tuition and undergraduate fees at all public universities and colleges, helping states cover all associated student living costs.
Allocate funds for continuing education and technical education programs and provide full open access to K12, tertiary, technical education (including technology, trade and agriculture), education support programs and lifelong learning programs for every prisoner in local, state and federal correctional institution (for minors and adults).
Expand employment opportunities for students, undocumented students and student prisoners.
Stop the privatization of education.

A detailed citation of the M4BL program seems especially necessary because almost all of its basic requirements and proposals were included in the 110-page BFB program (Biden - Ocasio - Sanders), and some of these requirements were included in the BFB program with minimal revision, and some of them even no edition.

It seems that the only exception to this rule is trying to correct the New York Times, urging Biden to include the idea of ​​payment of reparations for slavery in his election program:
Biden's presidential campaign can build on ideas ... In recent weeks, under the leadership of representatives Karen Bass, Sheila Jackson Lee and Barbara Lee, among others, the meeting has proposed the creation of a commission on reparations for slavery and segregation.

Not surprisingly, in light of Democratic candidate Biden's full embrace of the M4BL / BLM program, veteran black terrorism, former Communist Party Central Committee member and former Communist Party vice-presidential candidate Angela Davis backed Biden's candidacy in the November 2020 election. But, as Davis explained, she supports Biden not because she likes him as a candidate, but because it is Biden who can be “most effectively pressured” to promote the program of systemic racism.

It seems that someone filmed a video with the communist Angela Davis supporting @JoeBiden on the RT Putin propaganda channel. I am reposting the video for those who missed it.
Marxist academic and former Black Panther Angela Davis appeared in Russia Today to explain why she will support Joe Biden as president in 2020. “I don't see a candidate in this election who can lead us in the right direction,” she said. "It will be about choosing a candidate who can be most effectively pressured to give more room for the emerging anti-racist movement."

However, the "most effective pressure" of systemic racism on various segments of American society is already being exerted now - without waiting for the November presidential elections. Here are just a few examples.