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by DarksideEevee
on 23/4/18
@NintendoAmerica Please read this entire thread! I've been wondering how to phrase this for a while but, I feel it's something that is needing to be asked. I am a huge LoZ fan, got the tattoo even; I picked up a Switch for the sole reason to play Breath of the Wild. I have been having a great time playing it, and it's a beautiful game for the most part... but I do have one issue that I've got to simply ask "why". The Great Fairy Fountains in the game are used to "upgrade" your armor, and that's awesome. I like the mechanic. I found the delivery of that method, a bit odd to start... and then I unlocked the "max" rank of this mechanic. In no uncertain way, this "enhancement" scene strongly implies sexual assault. Each rank of this mechanic showed increasing levels of affection being shown, to the point where Link is grabbed and dragged under into a "fade to black" leaving him passed out and the Great Fairy very pleased with herself. I just would like to know why it is acceptable to make sexual assault into a joke when it is happening to a male character, by a female character. I think it was a very poor decision and do understand that this game series (overall) has dark undertones and many times has implied dark happenings, but nothing as in your face or, in this case, integral to the core game mechanics. I was disappointed in this direction, and I hope that in the future, creative designers that make those kinds of decisions think twice about what message they want to share. As things are currently, you are reaching out to a very large swath of youth, and you're teaching them that non-consensual relations are 'funny', that it's just a joke and that isn't okay. I don't think it was intentional, in any way; which is why I feel it needs to be brought up. Because the fact that as a global company in 2018, the fact it isn't thought of is a shame. #MeToo #NotOkay