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by ruthrachel18
on 17/8/17

The Proper Place for Johnny Reb

NOTE that the following two (2) comments were censored by the Virginian-Pilot as "spam"...because there are those who do not agree with the ideas expressed therein being featured as it's own, independent commentary, rather than as a subordinate, and less visible ("hidden"), response:

"In Virginia today, the median net worth of an African-American family remains 1/11th of that of the median white family." (Quoting Tom Perriello)

The proper place for Johnny Reb is not the banking district.

Elmwood Cemetery, near Cedar Grove Cemetery, as proposed by the Mayor, is a proper home for him which also authentically preserves the history of the Civil War with right direction of the heart.

Tom Perriello (Official Facebook Page):

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There are people who are still grossly underrepresented in Norfolk's Financial District today in mid-level and senior-level positions.

Do you believe that it is a "coincidence" that Johnny Reb is at the corner of East Main Street and Commercial Place?

When the monument was re-erected in 1971, Norfolk was in the midst of a heated debate about school desegregation; sadly, the re-erection of the monument was a symbol of resistance to desegregation within our community.

Perhaps those who are not aware of this history are not able to see the pain attached to what this monument represents for many. Where many felt unwelcome to enter in the past, should be open to all in the future. I agree with Mayor Alexander that Elmwood Cemetery is the proper place for Johnny Reb.

The Virginian-Pilot (Official Facebook Page):