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by fathilullail
on 15/3/12
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Media Advisory - Solidariti Semalaysia Stop Lynas Nationwide Rally

We strongly feel that all Environmental Issues including "Lynas", that threaten the quality of life of all who inhabit this beautiful land must be dealt with from a national perspective. People from all walks of life must be made aware of the challenges, and need to get involved in protecting their health and livelihood, and the natural environment.

We are the coalition of NGO's and NGI's that form SOLIDARITI SEMALAYSIA STOP LYNAS along with HIMPUN HIJAU. This coalition is an initiative of ABU (Asalkan Bukan Umno) together with Badan Bertindak Anti-Rare Earth (Badar) and several other NGO's and NGI's in solidarity with and support of HIMPUN HIJAU to stop Lynas.

The two main issues this coalition is addressing are:

1. Lynas is a LOCALIZED (Kuantan) issue - This was the reason for this coalition forming: to take the Lynas issue nationwide including Sabah and Sarawak. The solidarity rallies was very successful in achieving that objective. The Penang rally incident clearly acknowledges the powers that be were trying very hard to keep it only within Kuantan. Unfortunately for them, not anymore.

2. Lynas is a Chinese Malaysian community issue - This is being played on by the present authorities and using the Government's racially divisive policies and spin-doctored media campaign to distant the Malay Malaysian community away from the Lynas issue.

Therefore we are organizing a press conference to announce a natiowide rally organized by Solidariti SeMalaysia Stop Lynas.

The details are as follows:

DATE : 16 March 2012 ( Friday)
TIME : 11.00 am
VENUE: KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH)

We would appreciate it if your esteemed organisation could send a Representative to cover the event.

Thank You


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